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Preserving customer’s information

Contributing to the healthy society is our main goal and that’s what we are focused on. We value the privacy information is well known to be preserved. All the information collected about the customers is kept private and only under the use of the company.

A user may however visit the website without registration and as a guest.

No information is used for marketing or sold to any other marketing companies. All the information is preserved and stored only to have a record of our customers.

We collect the following information

Only the necessary information is stored, that includes:

  • Registration details of the customer
    • Name
    • Email
    • Contact
    • Address
    • Country
    • Age
  • Shopping information
    • Interested products
    • Purchased products
  • Transaction details
    • Transaction date
    • Amount
    • Sources of delivery

Use of information

Most companies use their valuable customer’s information for mostly outsourcing and marketing without letting the user know, which is against the law.

To keep our customer’s confidence, we clearly described out ambitions to use the customer’s data. We only use the user’s information for the following:


To make the user experience more effective, we keep our struggles ongoing. With the help of the purchasing information, we get to know the product; our customers are mostly interested in. This gives us the opportunity to improvise and make the user find the best product among all the products.

  • To improvise the understanding of user needs.
  • To improve our website and our products according to user’s needs.
  • To improve the customer services.
  • To keep the user informed our latest products through email notifications (opted in or out by the customer at the time of registration).


There is no other way to keep track of our valuable customers, so we preserve the personal and transactions information.

  • o With the personal information, we get to know what age people are mostly interested in our products. This gives us strength to develop more products for a specific targeted audience.
  • o With the transactional information, we keep track of the transactions and the sources through which the order is going to be delivered. In a case, if the user doesn’t receive their ordered package, we review such details and trace out what went wrong on what point.

Usage of cookies

Cookies are small file that is transferred to user’s computer which records some details related to browser etc. The use of cookies also helps the service providers to make analysis, and increase the user experience with the website.

By default, we don’t use cookies, but the cookies are specifically allowed by the user in case the user wants to be involved to make the user experience better.

Your consent

By visiting our website and registering, you are automatically bound to consent our privacy policies.



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